Class of 1964 52 alumni

Any alumni marked with NEW have been added to the Directory last month. Alumni marked with UPDATED have updated their information within the past month.

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Reunion Info

The Awalt Vault

Steve Bell

Kristen L. Bishop

Sue L. Bolander (now Ross)

Donald Butters

Ned R. Coleman

Patricia A. Contzen (now Ware)

Sharon L. Dickinson

Colleen K. Diermeier (now Layne)

Jim H. Donnelly

Crescencia Dumlao (now Yap)

Terry J. Eberhardt

Donald Field

Phil H. Foley

Lyn Foster (now Ratzburg)

Ronald L. French

Barbara K. Gatton (now Brownlie)

Jonathan D. Glidden

Susan Gough (now Hughes)

Donald Greenwell

Cheryl Greider (now Bradkin)

Bradford R. Hepler

Cindy or Cyndi Hilton (now Girgis)

Terry Hoover

Leanne Humpal (now Morris)

Steve L. Hunton

Barbara (Bunny) J. Jackson (now Ballou)

Don "Russell" R. Kenney

Susan M. La Rue (now Babcock)

Susan La Rue (now Babcock)

Robert E. Leonard Jr.

Barry L. Marquardt

Michael J. Martin

Sydney C. Matheson (now Avey)

Karen M. Mendelson (now Harris)

Malcolm K. Miller

Lawrence S. Moore

Lawrence Moore

Nancy J. Newnan

Clifford E. Pierce

Susan Prindle

Karen J. Rasmussen (now Gopen)

Alan E. Ratzburg

Craig W. Roberts

Teri Sherman (now Titus)

Bob Smith

Patricia Snead (now Odden-Kaye)

Jim Swett

Bill Tonis

Jim A. Traina

Lynn Treacy (now Griffin)

Pete Wyatt