Class of 1970 99 alumni

Any alumni marked with NEW have been added to the Directory last month. Alumni marked with UPDATED have updated their information within the past month.

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Reunion Info

Jane L. Altizer (now Kleinschmidt)

Paula R. Ansley (now Beatty)

The Awalt Vault

Barbara Baker (now Popoff)

Donald A. Bangle

Sandra J. Barghini (now Coombs)

Lynne Barnes

Sally M. Barnes

Stephen Barry

Thomas G. Beatty

John Benson

Ed Blalock

James P. Brady

James P. Brady

Sally M. Brickert (now Barnes)

Nancy J. Burke (now Garnero)

Martha (Marty) L. Byroads (now Enniss)

Cheryl A. Caldwell (now Stockhaus)

Jerald (Jerry) E. Caldwell

Mike Campbell

Teri A. Carlson (now Sprackland)

Denise Christensen (now Parker)

Dave Cinnamond

Christine Clauss (now Perkins)

Kathy C. Closson (now Tom)

Daniel L. Clubb

Becky Cole

Leslie Cornell (now Bondelie)

Shari Cowart (now McCarthy)

Susan E. Cretekos (now Girouard)

Susan M. Crise

Shielah A. Crockett (now Mosely)

Gail M. Crowther (now Lohse)

Ian R. Cummins

Linda Curtis (now Galen)

Gary E. Demele

Bob C. Dickinson

Vivian Elliott (now Wenger)

Jack R. Faraone

Judy M. Farlow

Robert M. Ferris

David T. Ferruggia

Anne Freemuth (now Brown)

Jill A. Garcia (now Dunbar)

John R. George

Robert Gilkey

Tim Gleaves

Julie A. Grochowik (now Foster)

Don Guidoux

Wade N. Hall

Clif Hampel

Jane L. Hardin (now Kelly)

Rich Harris

Steven A. Harris

Amy B. Hewes

David Hislop

Cindy Hoffman (now Coleman)

Sue Holmes

Shirley Hunton (now Tavenier)

Andrew H. Kauffman

Tom Knechtel

Deborah L. Knight/Munoz (now Fischer)

Bill Levine

Leslie L. Migneault (now Brown)

David Miller

Valerie L. Miller (now Watkins)

Shay Milovina (now Johnson)

Janet A. Mize (now Anderson)

John R. Moore

Patricia Newton (now Crowley)

Terrence (Terry) D. O'Hare

Maureen T. O'Keefe

Christine Owens (now Gaspich)

Tom Paddock

Toni Parga

Steven N. Pattie

Corinne S. Peregoy (now Greenamyer)

Kurt Peterson

Janet D. Potter (now Chavez)

Jane E. Powell

Evelyn Richards

Cindy Rosenthal (now Hailpern)

Fritz Roth

Mark Sanford

Norman J. Scott

Mary Seegmiller (now Erickson)

Susan M. Shaw (now Farrar)

Mark E. Sherman

William N. Smith

Margaret Strum (now Zabel)

Leslie Thomas (now Fitch)

William C. Tucker

James A. Tyburczy

Elly Van Egmond (now Mahon)

Cathy L. Vandagriff (now Amato)

Rosemary Ward (now Hackenberry)

Cindy Williams (now Betonte)

Sandy (Alex) K. Williamson

Rick Wunderman