Class of 1980 89 alumni

Any alumni marked with NEW have been added to the Directory last month. Alumni marked with UPDATED have updated their information within the past month.

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Reunion Info

New and Updated

Diana H. Aldrich (now Manuel)

Bruce W. Allen

Randy D. Alley

Blake Anderberg

Julie Arenas (now Milletti)

The Awalt Vault

Dj Bahl

Dave W. Bailey

Larry P. Baricevic

Anne M. Barton (now Wilde)

Keri J. Belisle

Robert Bigler

Kimberly A. Birnie (now Dissanayake)

Lily Bruno (now Butcher)

Michael Bunge

Tash Bunge

Beverly A. Catli (now Manzano)

Emiliano Ceci

Alison M. Clinkinbeard (now Krause)

Bruce Conway

Jill D. Corsiglia

Jill D. Corsiglia

Mary P. Curran (now Ryder)

Lynn Davidson (now Smallwood)

Julie Davis

Judy Del Duca (now Jones)

Sandra Dittmann

Chris Dolkas (now Faubion)

Roy Dumlao

Kate Duncan (now Kostrzewa)

Patricia A. Dunn

Mark A. Esfehani

Eric From

Mark Gienger

Kira Glover (now Kruglikova)

Bradley M. Gray

Steve E. Handel

Jill M. Harbeson (now Orr)

Jeff P. Henderson

Janet M. Henner (now Was Martens for a while)

Tim Hyder

Linda M. Irving (now Keating)

Keith Jacobson

Lori A. Jaggers (now Bailey)

Suzanne M. Kato

Tod Kertz

Abel Konari

Denise Koo

Lisa Kuhn (now Ruggiero)

Michael D. Langrell

Dave J. Larsen

Bryan G. Levien

Craig A. Long

Betty A. MacGibbon

Susan M. Marchionda (now Spaur)

Jean McCue

Dawn Merry (now Handley)

Joe Monforte

Lorraine Montoya

Michael D. Munoz

Lori Nelson (now Crow)

Peggy Nelson (now Byrd)

Lisa Olaveson (now Jensen)

Jean Pelfini  UPDATED

Claudia C. Peters (now Heckman)

Elise A. Redwine

Linda B. Reinhardt

Mark K. Renner

Robert (Bob) Rolapp

Jessica Rosso (now Kelly)

Dan Ruden

Eric Schmidt

Jodi A. Sievers

David Slifer

Paula L. Snyder (now Coffaney)

Denise S. Snyders (now Miller)

Megan Stanbury (now Miller)

Ron I. Steinberg

Rebecca M. Sunshine

Linda Takahara (now Walker)

Jan M. Tomlinson (now O'Connell)

Ken M. Weber

Kristin Webster (now Forster)

Bill Weinberg

Weston Weller

Roy P. Yih

Robby Young

Steve M. Zari

Jim Zwick