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Here comes the rain again

It has been raining in LA the past 24 hours. This is fantastic. I can hardly even remember the last time it rained. Certainly not this summer. This has lots of great side-effects:

  1. I don’t need to water the lawn this week.
  2. The streets are going to get nice ‘n’ clean.
  3. All of that gross LA smog goes away (and when the rain stops, the visibility will be superb).
  4. I can go outside and splash in some puddles if I need a break!

Of course, there are a bunch of drawbacks, too:

  1. LA drivers don’t really know what to do in the rain, so there might be some more traffic accidents today. God willing, nobody will get hurt.
  2. Our new house has a flat roof, and I’m a wee bit worried about whether it’s going to leak or not. So far, we’re drip-free! (my grandma would add “Kin-a hura poo-poo-poo”)
  3. My brother-in-law, who is in town this weekend from New York, happened to visit LA in some of the worst weather we’ve had in a year.

Ariella and I were musing about writing blogs this morning, and about how it’s stimulating a healthy flow of creative energy. Even if nobody is actually reading this, it’s fantastic exercise to organize my thoughts and put them into words. Although I don’t have anything profound to say this morning (the weather isn’t exactly what I would call the makings of an intellectual conversation), it’s still such a thrill to be able to do some writing. I sure missed that.

I’m going to muse about something more profound than the weather next time. Look for an upcoming blog in the Intellectual Property category on micropayments, PayPal, and online music.