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Secret lyrics to the Ashim Theme

I recently got a cell phone that allows you to program custom ring tones.

So I programmed in the first 8 bars of the Ashim Theme that Mike Cafarella and I composed (with apologies to the Norwegian Folk Song) back in 1996.

I can’t reveal the whole set of lyrics to the Ashim Theme due to the blood oath that I swore to Caf back on that overcast day in Providence. But here’s an excerpt:

As I walk through the dark forest,

Swimming through waves of terror.

Oh my goodness, there he is now.

It’s the spirit of Roberto.

I must run, I must flee,

He will kill me (holy cow)!

Have I escaped? Am I free now?

Is this heaven, not hell?

I must try to find Nirvana: Taco Bell.

Now, every time my phone rings I think fondly of Ashim.