Michael J. Radwin

Tales of a software engineer who keeps kosher and hates the web.

ApacheCon: Thursday Lunch

hard-rock-cafe.gif I got together with Ze’ev Suraski for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe (just across the street from the Alexis Park Hotel).

We spoke about the matzav, how difficult it is to be a vegetarian during Pesach, Israeli politics, and our respective businesses. I got to practice a little bit of my Hebrew, but before I could embarass myself too much, we switched back to English.

I headed over to Stipe Tolj’s 1:30pm talk about using Apache as a WAP server, but I slipped into a post-lunch coma. I think I was awake for the last 20 minutes, so I got to hear a little about the Kannel server. Sounds interesting.