Stripping: it’s a living

Ivy League Stripper I was having an IM conversation with a co-worker this evening and somehow we managed to get a little off-topic.

In talking about my my alma mater, I was reminded of the book Ivy League Stripper by Heidi Mattson, who started stripping to pay her college tuition.

Brown University — the ultimate small-town girl’s dream come true… until she got the bill.

My co-worker mentioned another amusing story about a mother was stripping to help make ends meet and the church that kicked her child out of the religious school she was attending.

“Silvas said Cole told her that not only would her 5-year-old daughter be expelled, but also that as long as she strips, neither can attend the church.”

Ah, the irony.

One thought on “Stripping: it’s a living”

  1. I live in Sacramento (where this story comes from). The mother signed a contract with the school that included a morality clause. In the contract, she agreed that she would set a good moral example for her daughter. She violated that contract, so the church asked her to quit her job. They offered to waive their tuition for the final month of school and to help her find another job.

    She refused and said she likes her job. She essentially choose the job over her daughter’s school.

    After a week or two, when publicity was sufficiently built up, she quit stripping so her daughter could finish school. Within days she got a job with the morning show of a local radio station that wanted a cheap publicity stunt.

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