FTC do-not-call list

NDNCR_biglogo.gif I always love it when government goes above and beyond the private sector. The Direct Marketing Association already provides a do-not-call list called the Telephone Preference Service (which I discovered via Operation Opt-Out). But only telemarketers that belong to the DMA actually use the TPS list. The FTC wants to make a mandatory do-not-call list for all telemarketers:

F.T.C. Issues Rules Restricting Telemarketing Calls. The F.T.C. issued rules restricting telemarketing calls to consumers, including plans for a nationwide registry of consumers who do not want to receive such sales calls. By Barnaby J. Feder. [New York Times]

Looks like we consumers will need to wait until this spring to put our names on the list. When the time comes, I’ll be one of the first to sign up.