Month: March 2003

Spring Break!

We’re leaving this afternoon for a long-overdue vacation. It’s Ariella’s spring break from UCLA. Here’s our itinerary: Thu, Mar 20: arrive in Rome. Wed, Mar 26: depart Rome for Tel Aviv. Stopover in Budapest. Thu, Mar 27: arrive in Tel Aviv. Travel to Jerusalem. Sun, Mar 30: travel from Jerusalem to Ramat Gan. Overnight in […]

Efficient Apache 1.3 setup for port 80 and 443

If you need to run both SSL and non-SSL Apache 1.3 on the same host, the most efficient way is to run two separate server instances rather than using <VirutalHost>s and mutltiple Listen directives. If you use multiple Listen statements to listen on either multiple ports or multiple addresses, Apache needs to use select() in […]

Silicon Valley Tech Industry Recovery?

I’ve read recent reports that unemployment in Silicon Valley is at 8 percent. Sounds pretty dismal. But it looks like Yahoo! is starting to hire again. If you search our database, you’ll see approximately 40 engineering headcount. I didn’t check other positions, but I think the rest of the company is growing, too. And Google, […]

I registered the domain name today for my 10-year high school reunion. I’m not a web design expert, so we’ve hired classmate German Fabella‘s design firm Launchpad Studio to make it look prettier than my lame save the date web page.