2 thoughts on “Yet another humorous but bogus eBay auction

  1. Diary of a Mad Man


    Courtesy of Micheal J. Radwin comes this eminently humorous auction about the upcoming security council vote on war with Iraq.

    I’d just like to take this opportunity to add this statement.

    No War In My Nameh

  2. ebay business

    To be a serious seller requires a certain degree of commitment, but the eBay Web site walks beginners through the process. eBay charges small fees to post items, and a small percentage of the sale, depending on the price. And eBay deploys a middleman payment system that allows buyers to securely use credit cards, forwarding the payment to sellers. Digital photos of the items help attract interest, as does punchy descriptive writing. Serious sellers need systems for packing and shipping their goods. eBay user sites help with suggestions.

    eBay particularly courts “powersellers,” such as Mr. Levi in Manhattan — those with big sales and high customer-approval ratings — with special perks including travel deals and health insurance. Powersellers must meet minimum monthly sales ($1,000 for the lowest level; $150,000 for the highest) and must have an approval rating above 98%.

    When Mr. Levi, who sells used cameras from his Manhattan apartment, was laid off from his position at Carolee Designs, a fashion jewelry firm in Greenwich, Conn., the layoff came as a shock. He’d been a globe-trotting salesman, spending much of his time on the road in Hong Kong, London, Sydney and other cities. “I’d never lost a job,” he recalls.

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