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Spring Break!

malevplane.jpg We’re leaving this afternoon for a long-overdue vacation. It’s Ariella’s spring break from UCLA. Here’s our itinerary:

Thu, Mar 20: arrive in Rome.
Wed, Mar 26: depart Rome for Tel Aviv. Stopover in Budapest.
Thu, Mar 27: arrive in Tel Aviv. Travel to Jerusalem.
Sun, Mar 30: travel from Jerusalem to Ramat Gan. Overnight in Tel Aviv.
Mon, Mar 31: travel from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles. Stopovers in Budapest and London.

We’re really looking forward to seeing our friends in Israel. They’ve been gone for months, and it will be fantastic to visit with them (even if we’re wearing gas masks).

The adventurous side of me is looking forward to flying Malev Hungarian Airlines. Before we bought our extra-cheap tickets a couple of weeks ago, I had never even heard of that airline!