Guster: Keep It Together I was just introduced to Guster, a 3-piece band from Boston. I like their sound.

Ariella’s family came to visit this past weekend. On Sunday after brunch we gathered around my laptop to watch streaming videos from Yahoo! Launch. At 300Kbps, it’s an on-demand (albeit lower-quality) MTV experience.

Avital, an undergrad at BU said, “Hey, that’s a Guster video I’ve never seen before,” so we clicked and watched. Not bad. “Who’s Guster?” I asked. “They’re from Boston,” she replied.

I later logged onto KaZaaLite and grabbed 6 tracks and synced them to my iPod (the Apple Music Store isn’t available for PCs yet). My favorite so far is Two Points for Honesty. That song reminds me a little bit of The Waltons, a Canadian band I saw at the Filmore in 1998.

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  1. Das Gusterites

    Michael J. Radwin just found out about Guster, a band I have followed for a long time. I knew I was going to like these guys the first time I saw them back in, I think, 1996. They were opening for Buffalo Tom at a BU show. There were 3…

  2. The Waltons?!?

    I didn’t know anybody outside a 30 mile radius of Windsor, ON knew of the Waltons since I used to search Napster (back in the day of “Currently 6.34 x 10^9 Users sharing 4 Exobytes of music days of Napster) … and there wasn’t a single Waltons song on the network.

    It’s like you could erase a band from history if they couldn’t be found in 4 Exobytes of music. I started to question my sanity. But then I found my CD and ripped it. “Lik My Traktor” was a great release.


  3. I’ve followed Guster ever since I can really remember! I’m one of the “younger” fans and have liked them since the early 90’s. They are absolutely fantastic and I recommend Guster to everyone!!!

  4. I live in Delaware and had The Waltons’ “Lik My Traktor” and “Cock’s Crow”. and my wife left her car on the street in Cincy overnight and my cassette case was stolen.

    Anybody know where I can get copies of these in cassette or CD form?

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