Sascha the Cat

We adopted a cat a couple of weeks ago.


She’s grey tiger-striped, about 3 years old. A very sweet cat.

We have a מחלוקת about whether her name is spelled Sascha or Sasha. So we’ve taken to calling her by her nickname “Sushi.”

4 thoughts on “Sascha the Cat”

  1. pretty cat! I think her name is spelt with out a C. Did you know that I have 2 cats? One named Elijah and the other is Mordichai (Mordi)

  2. Au contraire, I stand above the fray over the “c.” Sasha may be the preferred spelling in this country, but Sascha reminds me lovingly of Facha, the dog. Remember Facha? There’s a song about Facha.

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