Cipro to the rescue

cipro.jpg I’m feeling much better after a dose of some broad-spectrum antibiotics. I took 750 mg of Cipro on Friday and kissed Montezuma goodbye.

In related news, the nurse from Kaiser Permanente (“Good people, Good medicine”) said she had no record of my lab results, so perhaps we’ll never know what the cause of the illness was.

3 thoughts on “Cipro to the rescue”

  1. Glad you feel better as well. I had the unfortunate experience of getting a nasty bacterial infection on a bike trip. Ran a fever the second half the trip and had to get a ride back the last day to the start point. My doctor put me on Cipro for a week and it wasn’t cheap. I’m glad to finally be back on a health plan with prescription benefits. Cipro is powerful stuff, so it was worth the expense.

  2. I am going to cancun over christmas and it was recommended to me to take cipro a day before the trip and during the trip to prevent this? What do you think?

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