Cancelled again

apache-feather.gif Ugh. I’ve been cancelled again.

I was planning to give an Apache-releated talk to a bunch of Yahoo! engineers in Sunnyvale next Thursday, but somone else has stolen the conference room from me.

Yahoo! Engineering has a great tradition of “Thursday Lunchtime Tech Talks.” Every Thursday we reserve a big conference room upstairs from the cafeteria and someone gives a tutorial or a presentation on a technical subject while a handful of interested engineers listen and learn. It’s a great opportunity to meet people you’ve only corresponded with over email, and very frequently you learn something about how to solve a particular problem that comes in handy.

In my 5 years at the company I’ve probably done 6 or 7 talks, mostly relating to ad-targeting, Apache, PHP, and our proprietary package-management tool.

I’ve actually been planning to give this Apache talk since early September and have had 3 separate dates reserved for this talk. But each time I’ve been postponed by a few weeks due to a room conflict. Next week there’s some sort of three-day conference that wants to use the room.

So, I’ve been rescheduled for January 8, 2004. I wonder if I’ll get preempted by the Q4 2003 earnings announcement…

3 thoughts on “Cancelled again”

  1. There’s like 80 conference rooms in that campus, they can’t just set up a recurring event “this room, thursday, 11-2” or something, and let everyone else work around it?

    Geez. :-)

  2. the hell?

    y! campus is huge. if there’s no other conference room available, why not just take it outside?

    which reminds me of a story of how the first 10 conference rooms got their names… but i digress.

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