Current Reading List

Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal I’ve been in more of a reading mood than a writing one recently.

Just finished reading

In the middle of reading

Just starting to read

Hope to get around to reading

Amazon is finally making a profit on me.

5 thoughts on “Current Reading List

  1. Sam

    How’d you like Fast Food Nation? I thought it was a great book and it kept me away from McDonalds for a few years.

    You ever read Faster by Gleick? That’s another great book.

  2. b

    ha ha.. you made me look.

    for a second i thought that martin fowler might have actually been in the _band_ gang of four.

    you do own “entertainment!” and “solid gold”, right?

  3. Andrei

    Perdido Street Station is *awesome*. The combination of steampunk-magical setting and China’s obvious writing talent make it a winner.

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