Real Food Daily goes kosher

rfd-logo2.gif Real Food Daily‘s restaurant in Beverly Hills is now certified kosher. Ariella and I went there for dinner last night and saw a statement of rabinnic supervision in the window.

Since they serve only 100% vegan food, RFD has always been “kosher by ingredient” in my personal opinion. Many people in the observant Jewish community will only eat in restaurants that have rabinnic supervision, so the fact that RFD is now certified kosher should open their cuisine to a wider audience.

Apparently they’re also going to be opening a 4th store in Studio City, and are considering expanding to Northern California as well. Closest thing I can think of to compare it to is Herbivore in San Francisco.

One thought on “Real Food Daily goes kosher”

  1. We sell japanese, macrobiotic foods, Quality Natural Foods and we see first hand that there is just a huge market for kosher certified, vegetarian, vegan products. One of the most sought after products we sell is kosher certified nori for making sushi. It is not uncommon for some of our customers to request copies of kosher certification, and we are very happy to oblige.

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