That’s a lot of chili peppers!

One of the many dishes I did not eat tonight:


Looks like it was 50% beef, 50% chili peppers. The entire conference (over 100 engineers) went out to dinner after a pretty full day of presentations. They stuck the two vegetarians (me and Tej) at the same table and gave us over a dozen dishes, but still managed to put another two dozen meat dishes on the table for the other 8 folks.

The schedule is pretty packed tomorrow, and I’m speaking again on Thursday, so it looks like I won’t get to do any sightseeing until Friday.

One thought on “That’s a lot of chili peppers!”

  1. Hey Mike,

    Cool that you’re in Beijing. Check out a restaurant called Zing if you get a chance. It’s a great place by all the embassies with tasty food. Not too authentic but yummy.

    If you’re headed anywhere else ping me and I’ll give you more restaurant recommendations!

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