PHP at Yahoo! presentation from Zend/PHP Conference

zendphp_conf.gif Slides for my PHP at Yahoo! presentation from the Zend/PHP Conference & Expo 2005 are now online in PowerPoint and PDF formats.


In 2002, Yahoo selected PHP for Web site development and began to phase out its own proprietary server-side scripting language. Three years later, Michael Radwin reflects on how the switch to PHP offered both technical challenges and productivity increases.

The first part of the presentation offers a look inside Yahoo’s decision-making process to adopt an open-source scripting language. Radwin addresses why Yahoo selected PHP over other languages, focusing on the performance and stability required to serve billions of page views a day.

In the second part, Radwin discusses Yahoo’s PHP development methodology, which has enabled its engineers to rapidly implement features while still creating software that is maintainable over long periods of time.

3 thoughts on “PHP at Yahoo! presentation from Zend/PHP Conference”

  1. can anyone point me to a online resource about yahoo yscript need some more info about it? also my question to micheal is why not make yscript and filo web server open source so that people can know with what yahoo started out with and where they are today?

  2. yscript and filo web server are old pieces of software that have been eclipsed by PHP and Apache respectively in terms of performance and support for it out in the marketplace. There is no online resource that one can access this info in the public domain since they were never meant to be released to the public.

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