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Off-Roading at Hungry Valley

I went off-roading today with Rob and Dan at the Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area. We were out in the 4WD practice area for all of 15 minutes when Rob decided to get us stuck in the mud:


Some other brilliant guy tried to get us out, but he got stuck even worse:


A guy in a Suburban eventually came by and pulled us out with a tow rope. Set free, we proceeded to drive around the mud for a little while longer, being careful to avoid the steep part of the pit. Twenty minutes later the Suburban itself got stuck so we backed in and towed it out. Do you see a pattern here?

We left the mud area and hit the trails. After roaming around the park for another 4 hours, we finally headed home. It was a total blast.

Ninestar Action Sports

ninestar.gif I’m not exactly what you’d call an “action sports” type of guy, but a friend of mine is opening a hip new store in Los Angeles. If you’re into skating/snowboarding/BMX/surfing, apparently this store is a dream come true.

Ninestar is having its grand opening (a “Kickass Kickoff Event”) this Saturday November 15. They’re located at 11103 W. Olympic Blvd at Sepulveda Blvd.

They’re having some sort of contest, too. The winner gets $99 a month for life. Spotty details on the website; probably designed to get you to show up in person at the store so you’ll buy something.

LA Restaurant Watch

sushi.jpg I got email from the owner of RestaurantWatch.com asking me to link to his website. I took a look, and it definitely got some good content.

I was surprised to discover that 98% of restaurants get a rating of A or B from the Health Department. Either Los Angeles retaurants are really very healthy or grade inflation extends beyond high school and college.

It turns out that you can get much of the same information directly from the LA DHS, but RestaurantWatch.com provides a better UI.