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Paternity leave coding update

Three and a half weeks into my sabbatical, and I’ve actually found some time to code on Hebcal! Some Hebcal accomplishments in July: Moved Hebcal for Unix code from SourceForge to GitHub. Added two new user-requested features and released hebcal-3.13 Added Printable PDF support for Forked a copy of Hebcal for Unix especially for […]

php.ini hacks: –with-config-file-scan-dir and ini variable expansion

I whipped up a quick 3-minute presentation entitled php.ini hacks for today’s PHP Lightning Talks session at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention. It demonstrates two features: The –with-config-file-scan-dir option to ./configure ini variable expansion (“open_basedir = ${open_basedir}:/tmp“) Why? Because George and Laura asked me to, and this is all I could think of with 20 […]

Migrating MVHS Alumni Directory data from BerkleyDB to MySQL

I recently rewrote large parts of the MVHS Alumni Directory to use MySQL instead of BerkleyDB. I’ve been on paternity leave from Yahoo! for 7 weeks now, and this is one of the few projects on my todo list that I have actually completed. I’ve been maintaining this list of alumni for over 10 years. […]

OSCON 2004 Sessions

I haven’t attended too many tutorials or sessions this year. Yesterday I saw Jim Winstead’s Practical I18N with PHP and MySQL and David Sklar’s Cleaning Up SOAP. Right now I’m sitting in Adam Trachtenberg’s PHP 5 + MySQL 5 = A Perfect 10. He quipped that it really should’ve been called PHP 5 + MySQL […]

HTTP Caching and Cache-busting for Content Publishers

Slides are now online (HTML, PPT) for today’s talk on HTTP Caching and Cache-busting for Content Publishers. Abstract: A user’s web experience can often be improved by the proper use of HTTP caches. Radwin discusses when to use and when to avoid caching, and how to employ cache-busting techniques most effectively. Radwin also explains the […]

OSCON 2004

I just arrived in Portland, Oregon. I’ll be speaking about HTTP caching and cache-busting at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention tomorrow. If the talk goes well, I’ll propose it for ApacheCon this fall. The conference hotel was all booked up by the time I made my travel arrangements, so I’m staying at the closest available […]

stubgen 2.06

Today I released stubgen 2.06, the first release since 1998. stubgen is a C++ development tool that keeps code files in sync with their associated headers. When it finds a member function declaration in a header file that doesn’t have a corresponding implementation, it creates an empty skeleton with descriptive comment headers. Last week Raphael […]