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HTTP and Proxy Review
HTTP: Simple and elegant
HTTP: Simple and elegant
HTTP example
Browsers use private caches
Revalidation (Conditional GET)
Non-Caching Proxy
Caching Proxy: Miss
Caching Proxy: Hit
Caching Proxy: Revalidation
Top 5 Caching Techniques
Assumptions about content types
Top 5 techniques for publishers
1. Cache-Control: private
for personalized content
Bad Caching: Jane’s 1st visit
Bad Caching: Jane’s 2nd visit
Bad Caching: Mary’s visit
What’s cacheable?
Cache-Control: private
2. “Images Never Expire” policy
“Images Never Expire” Policy
Imgs Never Expire: mod_expires
Imgs Never Expire: mod_headers
3. Cookie-free static content
Use a cookie-free Top Level Domain for static content
Typical GET request w/Cookies
Same request, no Cookies
4. Apache defaults for static, occasionally-changing content
Revalidation works well
Successful revalidation
Updated content
5. URL Tags for sensitive content, hit metering
URL Tag technique
URL Tag example
Hit-metering for ads (1)
Hit-metering for ads (2)
Hit-metering for ads (3)
URL Tags & user experience
Breaking the Back button
Review: Top 5 techniques
Pro-caching techniques
Cache-busting techniques
Recommended Reading
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