A user's web experience can often be improved by the proper use of HTTP caches. Radwin discusses when to use and when to avoid caching, and how to employ cache-busting techniques most effectively. Radwin also explains the top 5 caching ad cache-busting techniques for large content publishers. In particular, this talk will cover:
Shared caches vs. private caches
How to encourage caching for static content
Reduction of network bandwidth usage
Improved browsing and page-rendering speed by avoiding network round-trips
How to discourage caching for personalized or frequently-changing content
How to disable caching for sensitive content
Cache-busting for accurate hit-metering and advertising statistics
Cache-busting for sensitive information (e.g. personal financial data)
"Expires" vs. "Cache-Control" and other HTTP headers
Unique URL tagging techniques that defeat proxy caches but work gracefully with browser caches