mtbz heelys!   -   November 10, 2005

7071_bottom_150.jpg Have you seen kids zipping along on shoes that you could swear looked standard issue? The secret is a small wheel located in the back of the shoe, combined with a healthy amount of dexterity and balance. While shoes like this are easy to find for kids, those of us adults who want to cash in on the fun will need to turn to an online store to get our MTBZ Heelys fix.

Once you get ahold of your new toy, you'll need to be careful. Kids are already low to the ground and are plenty used to falling. As an adult, first time Heely riders should be careful not to land smack on their tailbone or worse, their head. Take care in learning to ride, and wear protective gear, especially at first.

I scoped out San Francisco and found an excellent place to learn. In the center of Union Square, there is a flat section of sidewalk with a long railing -- the perfect grab bar for the frequent early mistakes. After a few hours gingerly trying to coast a few feet, I was able to run up, position onto my heels, and coast the entire length of the railing with a satisfying zip. Look for a similar place to learn in your homedown and you'll be glad you did.


Then consider excellent places to use your Heelys. Work doesn't generally pan out, since most offices are carpeted and you just can't effortlessly zip along on it. The mall is a frequent spot kids love to make use of. Airports also could work out, but I get the sense that airport security would not look kindly at an adult wheeling along at speed. Wherever you decide to heel, keep safety in mind, and don't run into the pedestrians.

Happy heeling!

Posted by jeske at November 10, 2005 1:26 PM