Month: June 2003

National Do Not Call Registry Opens

The opening of the National Do Not Call Registry, a free service of the federal government developed to give consumers a choice about getting telemarketing calls at home, was announced this morning by President George W. Bush, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chairman Timothy J. Muris, and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Michael K. Powell. Consumers […]

GIF Patent Expires Tomorrow “On Friday, 20th June 2003, the death knell sounds for US patent number 4,558,302. Having benefitted its owner, the Unisys Corporation for 20 years, the contents of the patent are entered into the Public Domain and may be used absolutely freely by anyone.” Note however that the patent only expires in the USA tomorrow. […]

Shared Libraries on my mind

I just finished writing up 4 pages of documentation on how to correctly build shared libraries for FreeBSD using Yahoo!’s Makefile macros. The fact that Makefiles are such a black art probably explains the popularity of alternative build systems. I’m sure a bunch of these ideas will be covered in Theodore Ts’o’s Designing and Creating […]

Real Nice Clambake

This was a real nice clambake, We’re mighty glad we came. The vittles we et Were good, you bet, The company was the same. Our hearts are warm, our bellies are full, And we are feeling prime. This was a real nice clambake, And we all had a real good time. (See also Hukilau)


If you’re a Unix geek, you know about /usr/games/fortune. If you know much about Yahoo!, you know that we like to name our software things that start with “y”. For example, my Making the Case for PHP at Yahoo! talk mentions our legacy yScript language. Today, a rather clever co-worker of mine suggested a list […]