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Monthly Archives January 2013

Context switching

It’s the start of a new year, and like everyone else I’m trying to get back into the swing of things.

For the past couple of weeks during my time off from work, I’ve been coding up a redesign of Hebcal.com based on the Bootstrap front-end framework. It’s great fun to learn something new and to do a little bit of coding, even it’s just HTML and JavaScript.

Hebcal been online since 1999, and the first major redesign was just 2 years ago. It’s rather amazing how much the web has changed just in the past 2 years — not just the advent of HTML5, but the increase in phones & tablets. 20% of the 2.7m visits to Hebcal.com in 2012 were from mobile + tablets! That’s up from about 6% of visits two years ago.

So now I’m back at work and I need to shift my attention away from coding and back to vision & strategy. I also need to make that transition from hanging out with my family (cooking, shopping, making handprints, playing soccer in the park or Gobblet on the carpet, reading) to being in the office.