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Serves three main functions: it provides a factory interface to the remote file classes, allows remote administration of file system users to the system administrator, and provides the UserManager interface for remote user management (see Section 3.4 for a discussion of the user management classes).

Clients obtain a reference to the FileServer with bootstrap Naming service and authenticate themselves using the security protocol outlined in Section 4. Once authenticated, a client may request file handles from the server using the getFile(), getFileInputStream(), getFileOutputStream(), and getRandomAccessFile() methods. The FileServerHandle convenience class automates most of this process by performing the bootstrap lookup, and caching and refreshing authentication tokens.

Since the FileServer interface extends the UserManager interface, the file server also has a complete set of user management functions. These classes are discussed in Section 3.4.

Michael John Radwin
Thu May 8 10:49:26 EDT 1997