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MySQL Scaling Pains

Jeremy Zawodny spoke Friday morning about MySQL Scaling Pains. I’m still just waking up, so here are some abbreviated notes. Security administration (don’t just GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO someuser, but think seriously about delegating privileges to separate users) Size Limits (MyISAM default 4GB limit can be modified, you just need to know the […]

Ruby for Perl Programmers

I stuck around for local software guy Phil Tomson’s Ruby for Perl Programmers talk. This session was more technical, with the first code example showing up on the 4th slide. Phil’s slides are online, so I won’t attempt to replicate them here. Something listed as a “gotcha” actually seems to be a feature to me. […]

Perl Lightning Talks

Wandering around after lunch, I stopped by the Perl Lightning Talks (slides) session. I was delighted to hear Autrijus Tang‘s five-minute rap These are 1% of my favourite CPAN… in Chinese, followed by an English translation sung to the tune of These are a few of my favorite things… from The Sound of Music. It […]

OSCON Wednesday morning

I bounced around on Wednesday between a bunch of different sessions. In the morning, I did some last-minute touch-ups on my slides, then caught the tail end of John Coggeshall’s Interfacing Java / COM with PHP. After my talk on One Year of PHP at Yahoo! (slides), I grabbed some lunch in the speaker’s room. […]

Building Data Warehouses with MySQL

John Ashenfelter spoke about Building Data Warehouses with MySQL. After surveying the audience with some questions about what database technology people use and how much data they store, he described what he felt was the one and only reason to create a data warehouse: to answer business questions. The first two-thirds of the talk discussed […]