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A letter to Yael Goldie Radwin on the day of her Simchat Bat

Dear Little One, Welcome to the world, to the community, and to our immediate family. We are overwhelmed with the joy of seeing you, of holding you, of loving the you that you are and the you that you will become. You have made such a graceful entrance into our lives, sharing with us with […]

I want a DadGear Cargo Baby Gear Jacket

Costco DadGear Cargo Baby Gear Jacket Changing Pad, Diaper, Wipes and Bottle Pockets $69.99 Plus Shipping & Handling Fatherhood hasn’t changed my general consumerist lust for new things. It has merely shifted it to a whole new class of products I didn’t know I needed until now. The concept behind the DadGear style is simple […]