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Back at work

Meet Schmichael Originally uploaded by evangoer. I’m back at work after my paternity leave. The last three months have been an incredible experience, and I’d heartily recommend taking FMLA/CaPFL to any dads-to-be. Apparently my team found a suitable replacement for me while I was out.

PHP at Yahoo! presentation from Zend/PHP Conference

Slides for my PHP at Yahoo! presentation from the Zend/PHP Conference & Expo 2005 are now online in PowerPoint and PDF formats. Abstract: In 2002, Yahoo selected PHP for Web site development and began to phase out its own proprietary server-side scripting language. Three years later, Michael Radwin reflects on how the switch to PHP […]

Burton Group report on P-Languages for Enterprise Scripting

The Burton Group published a report entitled The P-Languages: PHP, Perl, and Python for Enterprise Scripting yesterday. I’m quoted twice in the article. Page 11 (PHP in Web Development): Not only is PHP used extensively throughout the Web, it is also used by some of the busiest websites in the world. For example Yahoo!, which […]

In Beijing

I’m in Beijing and checked into the hotel. Extremely nice place. Complimentary broadband Internet. Air China flight 984 from LAX ended up being delayed 12 hours due to mechanical problems. It’s a real bummer, since I was supposed to give a “Platform Overview” talk at the conference this morning, but I missed the entire first […]