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Being a Vegetarian on Thanksgiving

1101020715cov_white.gif Ok, so I know it goes completely against American tradition, but I’m going to be eschewing turkey for dinner tomorrow night.

As we discovered last year at Thanksgiving, there are actually two mass-market turkey substitutes: Tofurky and UnTurkey. Last year Cousin Diana bought both, but there will be a smaller number of vegetarians this year, so we’ll probably have a single dish. I can’t wait to see which one it will be!

There are also a bunch of vegetarian Thanksgiving celebrations going on in LA this year. We’ve eaten at the Real Food Daily a few times this year; I’m sure their T-day meal will be superb.

In the grand scheme of things, being vegetarian is still a rare occurrence. I think it’s probably much more common in California, but survey data reveals that 2.5% of Americans are true vegetarians. But the vegetarian lifestyle is moving into the mainstream. Heck, it made the cover story of the July 15, 2002 issue of Time Magazine.

Whatever you’re eating for this Thanksgiving, be sure to eat a lot of it.