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Commercial Graph: A Map of Financial Relationships

I’m speaking today about Intuit’s Commercial Graph at the Strata + Hadoop World Conference. Slides: Commercial Graph: A Map of Financial Relationships (pptx format). Abstract Imagine the social graph where personal relationships are replaced by commercial relationships based on real financial data. Imagine the possibilities for small businesses to grow, connect, transact and prosper. Intuit is uniquely […]

stubgen – a member function stub generator for C++

Introduction stubgen is a C++ development tool that keeps code files in sync with their associated headers. When it finds a member function declaration in a header file that doesn’t have a corresponding implementation, it creates an empty skeleton with descriptive comment headers. stubgen has several options, but this brief example should give you an idea of […]

Personality plug-in for Eudora

The Personality plug-in for Eudora adds 3 stereotypical “personalities” to your Message Plug-ins menu in Eudora 3.x and 4.x for Windows. It translates English messages into either mock Swedish (like the Swedish Chef on the Muppet Show), mock Jive (a black dialect of the 70s), or B1FF-speak (a fictitious person who is “new” on the ‘Net who spells poorly and […]

Java Network File System

The Java Network File System was my Honors Thesis project at Brown University and second place winner for the 1997 ACM Quest for Java student programming contest. README See my contest README for an overview of the project and instructions for running the server and client. Paper We introduce and discuss the Java Network File System ( JNFS), a network file system for Network […]