Java Network File System

The Java Network File System was my Honors Thesis project at Brown University and second place winner for the 1997 ACM Quest for Java student programming contest.


See my contest README for an overview of the project and instructions for running the server and client.


We introduce and discuss the Java Network File System ( JNFS), a network file system for Network Computers (NCs). JNFS works on all NC-compliant NC devices, provides authentication and authorization support, works with other file systems such as NFS and NTFS, and offers reasonable performance. 16 pages.

Source code

  • jnfs_src.tar.gz — source code, test suites, sample client applet, etc. (49K)
  • jnfs.jar — signed java archive of classfiles.
  • jnfs.x509 — X509 certificate for jnfs entity.

API Documentation (generated with javadoc)

Related work

What I learned from this project

The greatest disservice one can do to Java is to perpetuate the belief that it is merely a programming language for the Web. Once we begin to think of Java as a general-purpose programming language, people will use it to build real applications and systems. Only then will we really see that object-orientation, garbage collection, and run-time safety make code easier to develop, debug, maintain, and understand.

— Michael J. Radwin, self-proclaimed Java evangelist