All-day untimed events in RFC 2445 iCalendar

Timely‘s WordPress Calendar plugin doesn’t interoperate well with RFC 2445 iCalendar feeds that contain all-day untimed events specified by both DTSTART and a DURATION:P1D. Instead of interpreting them as a one-day all-day event, it seems to interpret them as a two-day event. I examined a half-dozen calendar apps to see how they generate these kinds […]

Farewell, htdig

htdig has been retired from Many years ago I set up a site search on using a tool called ht://Dig. It was a C/C++ app that would spider/crawl a website and also serve out search results in an HTML-friendly fashion through a CGI. The rest of the world moved onto Lucene/Solr, but I never […]

Paternity leave coding update

Three and a half weeks into my sabbatical, and I’ve actually found some time to code on Hebcal! Some Hebcal accomplishments in July: Moved Hebcal for Unix code from SourceForge to GitHub. Added two new user-requested features and released hebcal-3.13 Added Printable PDF support for Forked a copy of Hebcal for Unix especially for […]