Congress Created Dust Bowl

“Congress Created Dust Bowl” is a sign by the side of the road along Interstate 5 in the California Central valley. According to KQED, the sign was created in 2008 by former farmer Russ Waymire from the group Families Protecting the Valley. The sign is discussed in “The New Dust Bowl” from Mother Jones in […]

All-day untimed events in RFC 2445 iCalendar

Timely‘s WordPress Calendar plugin doesn’t interoperate well with RFC 2445 iCalendar feeds that contain all-day untimed events specified by both DTSTART and a DURATION:P1D. Instead of interpreting them as a one-day all-day event, it seems to interpret them as a two-day event. I examined a half-dozen calendar apps to see how they generate these kinds […]

Farewell, htdig

htdig has been retired from Many years ago I set up a site search on using a tool called ht://Dig. It was a C/C++ app that would spider/crawl a website and also serve out search results in an HTML-friendly fashion through a CGI. The rest of the world moved onto Lucene/Solr, but I never […]

Paternity leave coding update

Three and a half weeks into my sabbatical, and I’ve actually found some time to code on Hebcal! Some Hebcal accomplishments in July: Moved Hebcal for Unix code from SourceForge to GitHub. Added two new user-requested features and released hebcal-3.13 Added Printable PDF support for Forked a copy of Hebcal for Unix especially for […]