stubgen – a member function stub generator for C++

Introduction stubgen is a C++ development tool that keeps code files in sync with their associated headers. When it finds a member function declaration in a header file that doesn’t have a corresponding implementation, it creates an empty skeleton with descriptive comment headers. stubgen has several options, but this brief example should give you an idea of […]

School soup

Chop (dice) and sauté in olive oil: 1 bunch of celery 4 leeks 18 carrots After the vegetables are soft, add 8 sweet potatoes, chopped up 2 cups red lentils 16 cubes “Organic Gourmet” vegetable bouillon cubes(with salt) 32 cups of water Cook for about an hour until all vegetables are soft Then add, chopped […]

Blogging again? Software update.

David Jeske has inspired me to upgrade MovableType on to a more modern version. Pretty seamless upgrade so far to MT 4.12 personal, but good golly, that’s a way different UI than I’m used to. [Update: Damn, I need some anti-spam comment plugins. Now that I’m back on a more modern version of MT, […]

Either We Kill Click Fraud or Click Fraud is Going to Kill the Online Ad Business

We got a little bit of good press today. See JackMyers Media Business Report: “Either We Kill Click Fraud or Click Fraud is Going to Kill the Online Ad Business.” Anchor Intelligence Launches ClearMark. I’ve been at Anchor Intelligence (formerly Fraudwall Technologies) for a little over a year now. Writing code to fight the bad […]

A letter to Yael Goldie Radwin on the day of her Simchat Bat

Dear Little One, Welcome to the world, to the community, and to our immediate family. We are overwhelmed with the joy of seeing you, of holding you, of loving the you that you are and the you that you will become. You have made such a graceful entrance into our lives, sharing with us with […]