I want a DadGear Cargo Baby Gear Jacket

Costco DadGear Cargo Baby Gear Jacket Changing Pad, Diaper, Wipes and Bottle Pockets $69.99 Plus Shipping & Handling Fatherhood hasn’t changed my general consumerist lust for new things. It has merely shifted it to a whole new class of products I didn’t know I needed until now. The concept behind the DadGear style is simple […]

Time It Right™: home automation based on the Jewish Calendar

Time It Right™: home automation based on the Jewish Calendar looks pretty slick: Never set another Shabbos clock! Introducing Time It Right™- the ultimate in home automation. Time It Right™ is the only home automation system with a built in Jewish calendar. Time It Right™ is custom scheduled around YOUR Zemanim and lifestyle, controlling your […]

php.ini hacks: –with-config-file-scan-dir and ini variable expansion

I whipped up a quick 3-minute presentation entitled php.ini hacks for today’s PHP Lightning Talks session at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention. It demonstrates two features: The –with-config-file-scan-dir option to ./configure ini variable expansion (“open_basedir = ${open_basedir}:/tmp“) Why? Because George and Laura asked me to, and this is all I could think of with 20 […]

Kosher Gummi Bears from Amazon.com

I just got a 16-pack of Planet Harmony Organic Fruit Bears from Amazon.com’s new Grocery service for a mere 15 bucks. It arrived in two short days because it was elligible for Amazon Prime; Amazon.com is actually stocking inventory for grocery items and not just acting as a conduit for 3rd-party supermarkets like Gristedes. Plus, […]

JPod by Douglas Coupland

Last night I finished reading JPod, Douglas Coupland’s “sequel” to Microserfs. Very entertaining and a quick read. I haven’t laughed out loud reading a book in months. JPod has been described as “Microserfs for the Google generation”, but perhaps “Microserfs for the EA generation” would be more appropriate, given the setting of a bunch of […]

Back at work

Meet Schmichael Originally uploaded by evangoer. I’m back at work after my paternity leave. The last three months have been an incredible experience, and I’d heartily recommend taking FMLA/CaPFL to any dads-to-be. Apparently my team found a suitable replacement for me while I was out.

Migrating MVHS Alumni Directory data from BerkleyDB to MySQL

I recently rewrote large parts of the MVHS Alumni Directory to use MySQL instead of BerkleyDB. I’ve been on paternity leave from Yahoo! for 7 weeks now, and this is one of the few projects on my todo list that I have actually completed. I’ve been maintaining this list of alumni for over 10 years. […]