Hacking Apache HTTP Server at Yahoo!

Tomorrow, I’ll be giving a talk entitled Hacking Apache HTTP Server at Yahoo! Since 1996, Yahoo has been running Apache HTTP Server on thousands of servers and serving billions of requests a day. This session reveals the secrets of how Yahoo gets maximum performance out of minimal hardware by tweaking configuration directives and hacking the […]

PHP at Yahoo! presentation from Zend/PHP Conference

Slides for my PHP at Yahoo! presentation from the Zend/PHP Conference & Expo 2005 are now online in PowerPoint and PDF formats. Abstract: In 2002, Yahoo selected PHP for Web site development and began to phase out its own proprietary server-side scripting language. Three years later, Michael Radwin reflects on how the switch to PHP […]

A letter to Noam Sidney Radwin on the day of his bris

Dear Son, At this exact moment, one week ago, you were negotiating your way into the world. You made quite an entrance! Now you have been with us one Sunday, one Monday, one Tuesday, throughout the week, and most recently, one holy Shabbat. Now that you have tasted of the world, you are ready to […]