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PHP at Yahoo! presentation from Zend/PHP Conference

zendphp_conf.gif Slides for my PHP at Yahoo! presentation from the Zend/PHP Conference & Expo 2005 are now online in PowerPoint and PDF formats.


In 2002, Yahoo selected PHP for Web site development and began to phase out its own proprietary server-side scripting language. Three years later, Michael Radwin reflects on how the switch to PHP offered both technical challenges and productivity increases.

The first part of the presentation offers a look inside Yahoo’s decision-making process to adopt an open-source scripting language. Radwin addresses why Yahoo selected PHP over other languages, focusing on the performance and stability required to serve billions of page views a day.

In the second part, Radwin discusses Yahoo’s PHP development methodology, which has enabled its engineers to rapidly implement features while still creating software that is maintainable over long periods of time.