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Chametz Contract/Bill of Sale for Pesach


We, Ariella and Michael Radwin (“SELLER”), in consideration of $1,500 (one thousand five hundred US Dollars), do hereby sell, transfer and convey to John Doe (“BUYER”), our not-Kosher-for-Passover food (“CHAMETZ”) and Sascha the cat (“CAT”).

Chametz are leavened foods that are forbidden on the Jewish holiday of Passover. According to Jewish law, Jews may not own, eat or benefit from chametz during Passover.

For the purposes of this contract, CHAMETZ consists of the following:

(1) All boxes of canned and dried foods on shelves in the garage, and in the pantry to the right of the refrigerator in the kitchen

(2) Any refrigerated/frozen food items placed in the “Chametz” brown paper bag in the refrigerator in the garage

(3) Several bottles of wine, beer and liquor in the liquor cabinet above the fridge

(4) The CAT’s food, which is kept in the bathroom adjacent to the guest bedroom

(5) Any other Chametz possessed by SELLER, knowingly or unknowingly as defined by the Torah and Rabbinic Law

CAT is a domestic short-hair, commonly known as Sascha. CAT is about 12 1/2 (twelve and one half) years old. Here is a digital photo of said CAT:


I, the undersigned BUYER, acknowledge receipt of this Bill of Sale. BUYER does hereby provide SELLER a down payment of $1 (one US Dollar) in the form of PayPal, cash, check, or money order. If BUYER does not provide the remaining $1,499 by Saturday April 2, 2013 at 8:20pm, this Bill of Sale is cancelled and SELLER will refund whatever payment(s) BUYER has made.

BUYER will also lease all places wherein the CHAMETZ owned by SELLER may be found, particularly at the address/es listed below, and elsewhere.

Per BUYER’s instructions, SELLER (or SELLER’s agent) will agree to feed said CAT one half-cup of cat food daily. SELLER also change CAT’s litter box and play with her.

All said above is well and good and is binding and is in conformity with all Torah, Rabbinic and Civil laws.

Dated this 24th day of March, 2013.


SELLER’s name: Ariella & Michael Radwin

SELLER’s address: …, Palo Alto, CA

SELLER’s signature:


BUYER’s name: John Doe

BUYER’s signature:

Time It Right™: home automation based on the Jewish Calendar

Time It Right™: home automation based on the Jewish Calendar looks pretty slick:

Never set another Shabbos clock! Introducing Time It Right™- the ultimate in home automation. Time It Right™ is the only home automation system with a built in Jewish calendar. Time It Right™ is custom scheduled around YOUR Zemanim and lifestyle, controlling your home according to your specific needs . Unlike other home automation systems, Time It Right™ adjusts your schedule for Shabbos and Yom Tov week by week, with no action from you, making it the ideal system for the Jewish home, Shul, or institution.

I wonder if they use Danny’s hebcal for Unix app in their implementation.

Chag Sukkot Sameach!

Sukkot starts tonight at sundown — just 15 minutes from now! Hannah (who is visiting from LA) and Ariella decorated our sukkah today.


Chag Sameach!

Westminster Leningrad Codex Tanach

I was reading YudelLine today and was intrigued by a pointer to The Internet Sacred Text Archive, and started following some links until I stumbled across the The Westminster Leningrad Codex (WLC) Tanach. It’s an incredibly well-annotated copy of the Hebrew Bible, and this online copy is easy to navigate.

From a technological standpoint I’ve long been skeptical of XSLT and DHTML. They promise a lot of functionality but bring with them a ton of complexity, and I’ve never been convinced that the tradeoff was worth it. This is one of the first applications I’ve seen that’s clearly more powerful than the good ol’ 1994 Web (all of the logic on the server-side) but isn’t too complex to understand. I need to stare at the code a bit to learn what they’re doing, but on first glance it looks like really simple XML with a sprinkling of XSL and the sarissa Javascript library to control the display of parts of document at runtime.

Funny what you end up learning when you follow a few random links…

Real Food Daily goes kosher

rfd-logo2.gif Real Food Daily‘s restaurant in Beverly Hills is now certified kosher. Ariella and I went there for dinner last night and saw a statement of rabinnic supervision in the window.

Since they serve only 100% vegan food, RFD has always been “kosher by ingredient” in my personal opinion. Many people in the observant Jewish community will only eat in restaurants that have rabinnic supervision, so the fact that RFD is now certified kosher should open their cuisine to a wider audience.

Apparently they’re also going to be opening a 4th store in Studio City, and are considering expanding to Northern California as well. Closest thing I can think of to compare it to is Herbivore in San Francisco.

Matzah time

Pesach starts in about 2.5 hours. I had a veggie tamale for lunch as my last bit of chametz/kitniyot. It was goooood.

Chag kasher v’sameach!