Leave of Absence

I’m taking a leave of absence from Yahoo to take care of Noam for a few months. Thanks to President Clinton for signing the Family Medical Leave Act in 1994.

My leave of absence from this blog is hereby over. At least for the next 11 weeks, I expect to blog at least once a week.

Here’s a picture of Noam in his stroller at the park by the California Ave train station, taken with my brand new Nikon D200.

5 thoughts on “Leave of Absence

  1. Ben Margolin

    Awww, he’s a cutie. If we have another one I’m definitely taking advantage of FMLA as well. Enjoy the rest Michael and we look forward to your return!

  2. Arye Berk

    Mazel Tov and Good for you!!!!

    Michael you look marvelous with a baby on your lap! We always knew you would look great.

    Sorry we have been out of touch. Good luck! and oh hi to Ariella!


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