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Paternity leave coding update

Three and a half weeks into my sabbatical, and I’ve actually found some time to code on Hebcal!

Some Hebcal accomplishments in July:

  1. Moved Hebcal for Unix code from SourceForge to GitHub.
  2. Added two new user-requested features and released hebcal-3.13
  3. Added Printable PDF support for Hebcal.com
  4. Forked a copy of Hebcal for Unix especially for hebcal.com
    • Replaced sunset calculation engine with PHP’s datelib
    • Replaced timezone/daylight saving time with PHP’s datelib
    • Updated world city database from geonames.org to include 300+ new cities
  5. Updated the USA ZIP code database

Ariella has been incredibly supportive. I’ve done about half of the work at home, and half of it at Hacker Dojo.