Duraflame and egg nog

duraflame2.jpg We lit a fire tonight in our fireplace. It was the first time we’ve had a fire in our new home. A chimney-sweep came out a few weeks ago and said our chimney was OK to use as long as we didn’t have a fire for more than 8 or 9 hours.

Avital drove out from Malibu with some Egg Nog-flavored frozen yogurt. We blended it up with some Captain Jack’s and rice milk and it turned out absolutely delicious.

I captured some video of the fire and was going to put it online, but it’s 222K for just 2 seconds worth (48 frames). Something is screwed up with this AVI compression. Why doesn’t my cute Logitech webcam offer an MPEG export? Oh well.

One thought on “Duraflame and egg nog”

  1. Be careful burning psuedo-logs. They create more creosote than normal wood. Granted up in San Jose they’re telling people not to burn wood either because of air pollution, bad karma, and the fact that despite what’s written on the box of “Hotwood”, burning logs is not really a 100% renewable resource. (well, unless you’re in Phoenix or something)

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