PHPCon East 2003

I’ve been invited to speak at PHPCon East 2003 in April:

PHPCon East 2003 – (April 23-25, 2003). PHPCon announces PHPCon East 2003 in New York City. This conference features two days of technical learning with speakers such as Rasmus Lerdorf, Michael Radwin, and Jeremy Zawodny. PHPCon East also adds a third, full day of tutorials offering practical, cogent PHP solutions and ideas including: MySQL and PHP; Building and Consuming Web Services with SOAP; Getting Started with PHP; High Performance PHP: Profiling and Benchmarking; and more PHPCon East has discounts for early registration, students, non-profits, and Tutorial/Conference packages. Early Bird Deadline is March 31st. For more program information, visit the PHPCon website. [PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor]

Unfortunately, the first two days of the conference also happen to be the last two days of Passover. So I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it. 🙁