Free Bagel Fridays

I’ve been working in the Yahoo! Santa Monica office for about a month now, and I’m still really enjoying it.

Today, like all Fridays, is a Free Bagel Day. In the kitchen are dozens of bagels and about 6 different kinds of cream cheese. Reminds me of the Free Bagel Tuesdays we used to have in 1998 when Y! was at 3400 Central Expy. That was before we quintipled in size and got all corporate and stuff.

When I walk in the door each morning, Dionne greets me by name. She’s not reading it off my badge; she actually knows who I am. It’s like working for a small company again. And I didn’t even need to switch jobs!

5 thoughts on “Free Bagel Fridays

  1. Drone #779

    Oh sure, but do they give you that cozy feeling that only comes from being walled into your cube for eight hours while being buzzed by low flying aircraft? I don’t think so.

  2. Jeremy Zawodny

    Nice. Maybe I should move south. 🙂

    Not only do I remember the Free Bagel Tuesdays, I also remember Free Ice Cream Fridays. And Free Fruit Everyday.

    Yeah, we’re a big company now and have been for a few years. There’s no turning back. 🙁

  3. jjj

    or, you can move to coral gables. fl, where we in yahoo en espanol, have free fruits on tuesday and lots of free pastry on thursday. Also normita at the front desk salutes you by your first name every day and asks how your wife and cat are doing. that is nice!

  4. Bev

    What part of Yahoo is the Santa Monica office actually responsible for? Are there any job openings at this time?

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