UC Teaching Assistants Strike

ucla_seal_color.gif Ariella and 10,999 other University of California teaching assistants will strike on Thursday.

Although Los Angeles has had its share of labor disputes recently (the MTA bus strike was settled a couple of weeks ago and the Ralph’s/Vons/Albertson’s strike/lockout has been going on for 8 weeks now), this thing is gonna be statewide. TAs from all eight UC campuses will stop grading papers and exams. Just in time for finals!

[Update 03 December: the union has reached a tentative agreement with the UC so the strike has been called off.]

2 thoughts on “UC Teaching Assistants Strike”

  1. Perhaps they will just cancel the finals, but knowing what my teachers have done in the past the test format is going to probably be a fill-in-the-bubble with a #2 pencil and have the computer grade it.

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