Mozilla LiveHTTPHeaders

Today (thanks to Jeremy and Rasmus) I learned about a tool that I never knew I needed but now can’t live without: Mozilla LiveHTTPHeaders.

I’ve been debugging HTTP for years using trusty text-based tools like telnet and nc, but today a quasi-technical person stopped by my cube to ask for help with a caching problem and they really needed a GUI-based solution.

LiveHTTPHeaders lets you open up a separate window or tab to display HTTP headers in real time (while pages are being downloaded from various websites). It makes it pretty easy to see the various caching headers (like Cache-Control, Expires, and Pragma) and also follow trails of 302 redirects, Cookies, etc.

It also adds a cute Headers tab to the Page Info dialog box for information about the currently active page:


Absolutely brilliant. Probably something I’ll use at least once a week.

2 thoughts on “Mozilla LiveHTTPHeaders”

  1. Yeah this is a lovely tool esp for debugging.

    One feature that I would really like to have along with this is a way to modify the headers as they go on the wire.

    So I use this tool calls paros, which works as a proxy and I trap http requests, edit em and send them on wire etc.

  2. HTTP Sniffen mit Mozilla

    (via Michael J. Radwin’s blog) Unter mozdev gibt es das LiveHTTPHeaders Projekt. Damit lassen sich die Daten zwischen Browser und Server ohne gro

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