Biking to work

I rode my bike to work today for the first time in 4 years. It felt pretty good. I really love that Italian steel frame.


After staring at the Santa Clara Valley Bikeways Map for several hours, I decided to take Middlefield Road for most of the way, and then hop on the VTA Light Rail for the last mile. Total trip time was just under one hour (versus about 20 minutes by car).

I had considered biking the whole distance, but Mathilda Ave isn’t very bike-friendly. Then again, the Light Rail wasn’t the most convenient option either. I probably could’ve made it here in 45 mins if I didn’t have to wait for a train. I’ll have to find a different route.

5 thoughts on “Biking to work”

  1. I used to bike to work regularly for several years until I was forced to use the family car. It took me the same amount of time both ways.

    Biking to work gives you that alive feeling when you get there – provided you can get a shower on arrival.

    These days I live close enough to walk.

  2. It can’t be any worse then when I used to bike up. I tried Lawrence a few times but quickly shifted to Wolfe and Mathilda, etc.

    Mathilda isn’t too bad, but it certanly was the most stressful and loudest part of the trek.

  3. Take Middlefield to Ellis. Then ride on that frontage road. You’ll only have to ride on Mathilda for .25 miles or so. And, if Lockheed Martin’s facility is open, you can pass through there and get to yahoo the back way. Of course, they’ve had high security for awhile now…so not likely.

  4. You can get a pass to bike through Lockheed. You might want to join the “ybike” yahoogroup to find out the latest news on bike commuting to Y!

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