Santa Clara County Voter’s Guide

There are a bunch of initiatives on the ballot for the upcoming California and Santa Clara County election. Here is my slate:

1A – yes

59 – yes

60 – no

60a – no

61 – yes

62 – no

63 – yes

64 – no

65 – no

66 – yes

67 – yes

68 – no

69 – no

70 – no

71 – yes

72 – yes

A – no

B – no

C – yes

I – yes

Whatever you do, be sure to vote no on Prop 62. It would screw over the smaller political parties.

One thought on “Santa Clara County Voter’s Guide”

  1. 1A – yes

    59 – yes

    60 – no

    60a – yes (why shouldn’t the state use the funds to pay down debts faster?)

    61 – no (why shouldn’t private business be doing that?)

    62 – no

    63 – no (why are we punishing people for success?)

    64 – no

    65 – no opinion

    66 – yes

    67 – no (they should figure out why they’re not using the money they’ve already got efficiently)

    68 – Well, I say “no” because the state of california has no business getting in the sovereign (yes, sovereign) affairs of an indian tribe. I say they don’t need to authorize crap, and the indians should put in the card rooms and racetracks anyway. 😉

    69 – no. Since it includes simply “arrested or charged”, it will also include innocent people int that database.

    70 – as above, I think it’s none of the state’s business what the tribes do, but that’s just me

    71 – yes

    72 – no, employees can choose to work for places which don’t offer health care if it’s such a hassle for them

    A – no

    B – no, if the charter requires binding arbitration, then you can’t avoid the arbitration by a referendum

    C – no, you can’t impose that “you must work under the terms someone else dictated for you”. If someone doesn’t like the terms that are being offered, then they’re free to NOT do the job. The employer, however, is likewise free to go find someone else who WILL do the job

    You know, Radwin, we’re not so far different on our political views. :-)



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