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Diamond Engagement Ring

Becky called yesterday to share the news.

Gil popped the question, and Becky said 'Yes!'

Whoo-hoo! Congratulations, Gil & Becky! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together.

Ray Sun has a blog

raysun-tinsel.jpg My friend Ray Sun, longtime MSFT employee and all-around kewl guy, now has a blog.

I set him up with my tool of choice: MovableType. I didn’t even bother to run uname -a or perl -v. I just unpacked it, tweaked mt.cfg, and the thing just worked.

Ray used to be a program manager for MSIE and MSN Search, but these days he’s working on getting MS technology in next-generation cell phones.

Mmm…. Catherine Zeta-Jones…

Stripping: it’s a living

Ivy League Stripper I was having an IM conversation with a co-worker this evening and somehow we managed to get a little off-topic.

In talking about my my alma mater, I was reminded of the book Ivy League Stripper by Heidi Mattson, who started stripping to pay her college tuition.

Brown University — the ultimate small-town girl’s dream come true… until she got the bill.

My co-worker mentioned another amusing story about a mother was stripping to help make ends meet and the church that kicked her child out of the religious school she was attending.

“Silvas said Cole told her that not only would her 5-year-old daughter be expelled, but also that as long as she strips, neither can attend the church.”

Ah, the irony.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain all week for southwestern California It’s raining again in LA.

A significant storm system is forecast to move into southwestern California today. This system will bring rain to San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties thi morning…Then the precipitation should spread quickly South through Los Angeles county in the afternoon. gusty South winds will also accompany the storm system as it sweeps through the region. The rain will last into the night and then taper to showers for Tuesday. [National Weather Service via Yahoo! Weather]

Yucko. My sister-in-law is coming to visit tomorrow. I hope the weather clears up so we can actually do something fun.

Jury Duty: Day 2

blind-justice.jpg It was over before it even had a chance to begin.

The judge dismissed the jury today with the thanks of the court. He gathered us all around, explained to us that the case had been resolved without the need for a trial, so we were all free to go.

He didn’t say it explicitly, but my inference is that a plea bargain was reached between the defense and prosecution. Apparently this happens quite a bit; the prosecutor needs to look tough, like they’re actually going to go through with a trial, and finally the defense attorney caves in and cops a plea, rather than risking a trial.

242004t.jpg I’m disappointed. I really wanted to serve my country. In some way, I suppose I did get that opportunity; the presence of a jury panel helped the criminal justice system work. But I didn’t get to see the actual courtroom drama (or lack thereof) unfold. I guess I really wanted to be involved in more of the process, to decide whether the guy was innocent or guilty. You know, all that good Law & Order kinda stuff.

So I’ve got the rest of the day off, courtesy of the U.S. Government. Ariella just finished the rest of her term papers, so we’re going to enjoy a mini half-day vacation. We’ll either go to Malibu to visit Cousin Diana at the yogurt store, or we’ll head down to The Happiest Place On Earth for some mindless entertainment.