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Monthly Archives July 2011

Full-sized Flickr image download and RSS tools

Came across a couple of good tools today that replace the cool Photocastr app to give you batch/bulk access to your Flickr images in various sizes/resolutions:

Flickr Feed Image Re-sizer from Yahoo! Pipes. I’m using this to subscribe feeds in iPhoto and also for a Mac OS X screensaver. Default RSS feeds from Flickr only come in a Small size, which isn’t good enough for anything. Some simple regexes (hosted by Y! Pipies) can easily convert from small to Medium, Large, or Original size. Nice. This tool is free.

Bulkr, an Adobe AIR app that lets you download in bulk/batch your Flickr images. I plan to use this to fill up an SDHC card and still into the digital picture frame I recently purchased. There’s a free version and a $29.95 Bulkr PRO version with more features.